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AMMANON a Series by Mary Fagan

Book One - The Prophecy

Ammanon, an empire spanning half the known world, prospers
under the rule of Emperor Galan. He is a fearsome warrior, great
of stature and quick of mind; but he is about to face a different sort of
enemy, one who destroys by cleverness and intellect.

Alone and without heir, Galan waits on the prophecy that foretells of a
woman who will come to his side and save Ammanon. Now the time of fulfillment
has passed, and Galan is receiving alarms from a translator who has uncovered
a plot to assassinate him. Where is this woman of the prophecy?

The woman is the translator, Eydain. Clad always in mourning veils to hide her
alien appearance, she remains undiscovered. When they finally meet, the lonely
emperor finds that Eydain knows nothing of the prophecy and would rather run
than wed. Bitterly he forces her to marry as his captive.

The two now contend with each other as well as spies and mercenaries taking hold
in the city. Together with Ammanon’s highly trained forces, they face the threat
with a series of daring ploys. But the final battle with this elusive foe is
yet to come.

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Book Two - The Parthan Plot

Confrontation is Imminent

Parthan assassins, purporting to be a trade delegation, are on their way.

There is little doubt the might of Ammanon will prevail. Enemy couriers
are captured, spies are caught, covert skirmishes are fought, and unexpected
allies come forth.

General Toland, the commander of Ammanon’s forces, lays his trap right in
the great banquet hall of the palace.

But it seems they have forgotten something – the prophecy. Long ago it
named Eydain as the key to victory, but she is now the emperor’s captive
bride. Can she outwit her formidable guards in time to fulfill the prophecy?
And after all she has suffered, will she want to?

Be there for the battle; stay for the twisting aftermath. For whatever the
outcome, King Niklos has set other clever plots in motion that will continue
to plague Emperor Galan.

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Book Three - The Deliverance

With King Niklos and his scheming minions successfully dispatched, a prosperous peace begins.

But Emperor Galan continues to deal with his tumultuous marriage as Eydain bitterly fights her captivity. Finally it boils over to a shattering show-down.

Then a desperate messenger arrives from Ez'Elonia, native land of High Priest Azzariah. It is a plea for aid from King Haben as marauders threaten his borders.

Determined to deliver Ez'Elonia from its enemies before the ancient priest dies, Galan rides to war with ten thousand battle-ready troops - and Eydain to serve as translator. But this was not the deliverance Azzariah foresaw. The distress and oppression of his visions comes from within Ez'Elonia itself.

Thus, after a savage battle with marauders, Galan is betrayed by the very ones he came to deliver. With the unsuspecting Eydain at the mercy of the treacherous King Haben, the emperor again finds he must guard this rare woman with his life, for within her lies the answer to victory…or destruction.

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